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"Lobby" from the series "Nation Estate" by Larissa Sansour

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AFAC-ACSS Research on the Arts Program (RAP)


AFAC's grant selection aims to ensure that projects are selected in a transparent and fair manner, according to clear criteria and a rigorous selection process where due consideration is given to all proposals that meet our eligibility requirements.


Evaluation Criteria

The selection committee evaluates applications based on the following criteria and guidelines:


Relevance: assessing the proposal’s content, significance and importance to Arab audiences. How relevant is the proposal to the mission and objectives of AFAC? Does the project address the current context, events, and issues facing the Arab region?


Quality: assessing the grantee’s methodology in implementing the proposed project. Are the project results specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and do they meet a specific deadline? To what extent is there coherence among the identified project objectives and expected outcome and results? Is the applicant (institution or individual) capable of implementing the project, in terms of talent, experience, professional background and education?


Innovation: assessing the contribution each proposal would make within its respective field and genre. How original is the proposal idea? How creative is the implementation methodology? Are applicants’ utilizing new tools for expression? Would the project be visible? Will relevant collaborations and networks be employed?


Cost: assessing whether the project’s total cost corresponds to the proposed output. AFAC requests the jurors to consider the following: Is the budget reasonable and suited to the project's stated objectives? Is the estimated expenditure on the proposed activities justified?


Evaluation Process

The application evaluation process consists of the following 6 steps:


STEP 1: Registration and Administrative Check of Applications by AFAC

AFAC's staff conducts a registration and administrative check to screen the received applications and ensure that they comply with AFAC’s grant guidelines and requirements, (for example: if the application is complete, samples have been submitted, the budget is clear, projects fits the call categories, the proposal topic is relevant to AFAC’s mission, etc.) The applications that pass the screening are mailed to the jurors.


STEP 2: Evaluation of Applications by Individual Readers

Following the administrative check, an independent readers committee will then assess the received proposals and select the applications to be sent to the independent jurors committee. 


STEP 3: Evaluation of Applications by Individual Jurors

AFAC selects 3 jurors per category specialized in each discipline. Each juror evaluates all applications according to the following four criteria: relevance, quality, innovation and cost. Each criteria will be given a score between 1 and 5 quantified as follows: 1 = very poor, 2=poor, 3 =adequate,4=good, 5=very good.


STEP 4: Analysis of Juror’s Recommendations by AFAC

AFAC staff collect and analyze the recommendations of each individual juror by ranking the applicants scores and pinpointing discrepancies between the various evaluations. This process ensures productive and focused discussion during the selection committee meetings.


STEP 5: Selection of Grantees at AFAC's Offices

The selection comittee, made up of the three jurors for each category, are invited to AFAC’s offices to discuss and select the winning grantees. AFAC will present its analysis of the evaluation grids to guide the discussions. All sessions are moderated by the executive director.


STEP 6:Approval by AFAC Board and Winner Announcement

AFAC’s team compiles the final selections of the winning grantees and prepares a report for the Board of Trustees indicating applicant statistics, grantee statistics and selected grantees. Upon board approval, the winners are announced to the press.


STEP 7: Notification and Contracting Grantees

Winners are contacted and a grant contract is negotiated and signed with AFAC.

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