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Valentin Noujaïm
1001 Stars

Zineb Sedira
A Forgotten Filmmaker

Lara Khaldi
A Genealogy of Palestinian Museums and Renegade Objects

Reema Fadda
A Healthy Distrust

A Kurdish Archive

Shirin Abu Shaqra
A Thigh Over the Spy

Bassam Mortada
Abo Zaabal 1989

Aflam, Rencontres Internationales de Cinéma

Fayrouz Karawya
Afraid to Tell What I Feel (working title)

Al Balad Theatre
Al Balad Music Festival - 6th edition

Dina El Deeb
Al Hamesheyoun - The Undercommons

Mira Sidawi
Al Jidar: The Wall

Aicha El Beloui
Alive - A7ya2

Nuzha El Hakawati Theatre
alkhubz al mor

Maged Nader
All That the Wind Can Carry

Joyce Raie
Another Kind of Death

Wael Ali

omnes vzw
Arab Cartoon Festival Workshop Program

Raed Yassin

Aicha Chighaly
Ardennes Festival

Mahatat for Contemporary Art
Art of Transit: Art Interventions in Public Spaces

Dawar for Arts and Development
Arts Rise! Promoting Community Cultural Development in Ezbet Khairallah

Abdul Hadi Hashem
Asifeh - Al-Hiffeh

Atelier Kissaria
Atelier Kissaria

Chrystèle Khodr

Laila Abbas

Adham Zidan and Anwar Dabbour
Baskot Lel Baltageyya

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival
Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival 2018

Kamal Al Jaafari
Beirut 1931

Beirut Art Residency
Beirut Art Residency

Dar Alkalima University College of Arts and Culture
Bethlehem Students Film Festival

Laura Amna Stauth
Between Walls

Ghida Hachicho
Beyond a certain point movement itself changes

Nüt Dance Company
Breaking Walls Festival

The Ninth Art
CairoComix 4

Zain Alabedein Saleh
Chez the Maidenly Madam

Adelita Husni Bey

Romooz Foundation for the Arts and Cultural Development
Creative Writing Workshop for Yemeni Young Writers

Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research
Cultivating Community Ownership of Art and Space

Karim Souissi

Asma Ghanem
Damaged Brains Music

Damascus Theatre Lab
Damascus Theatre Lab

Sawsan Bou Khaled
Dans la Peau (working title)

Waguih El Laqany
Deaf Film Lab

Hamza Hamadeh
Demande d’emploi

Roger Mokbel
Describe the Sky to Me

Toufik Douib

Adham Hafez
Digital Arabs: A Brief History of Digitally - Conceived Architecture in the Arab World During the 1990s

Shehab Ismail
Digital History of British Colonial Cairo: Media and the Potentialities of History

Mohamed Soueid
Documenting Lebanon

Ibraheem Ramadan
Double Vision

Abdo Shanan

Hamza Ouni
El Medestansi (The disqualified)

Mohamed Zouari
Electro Btaihi

Rafik Rezine
Electro Zebala

Electronic Cultural Platform RE

Leish Troupe

Mira Adoumier

Archipels Images
Essays in Cinema Criticism

Rana Karam

Hiba Mehrez
Failing Exercise in Living

Akram Zaatari
Father and Son

Festival Arabesques
Festival Arabesques 2019

Seen Films
First Film Forum

Editions Snoubar Bayrout
Forty Years of Creation in Arabic Children's Literature

Adnane Baraka
Fragments From Heaven

Imed Alibi

Qutaiba Barhamji
Gevar's Land

Hannibal Saad
Global Week for Syria

Leïla Chaïbi
Guardian of the Worlds

Zaid Atta
Hacking Up Baghdad

Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF)
Haifa Independent Film Festival – 2019

Ely Dagher

Ahmed Naji
Heraz Mekamkm

Amir Sabra
Hip Hop Gees

Donna Khalife
Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College
How Can There be a Window Where No Wall Remains?

Nesrine Khoury
I Kick the House and Go Out

Hanadi Zarka
I saw pale cloud. I heard black rain

Yacine Boulares

M’hammed Kilito
Imider, Morocco's Longest-Ever Protest

Ali Tnani
Impersonal Memory

Elwely Vall
In the Light of Change

Maysaa Almumin
J'ai Le Cafard

Charles Akl
Jelly Bird

Khouloud Yasine
Just The Two of Us

Beirut Art Residency
La Vitrine

Nasri Sayegh
Lam Adri Ma Tiba Al Inaq Ala Al Hawa / Fragments for an Arab melancholy

Roger Outa
Lebanese Pop Sex

Mohamed Abdul-Karim
Let the Sea Eat Me: To Perform a Ferry

Mahdi Fleifel
Let's Wait and See

aria -Artist Residency in Algiers
Madrassa #3

MahraJazz - Alternative Jazz Festival

European Egyptian Contemporary Music Society
Manassat North / South

Natik Awayez

Fehras Publishing Practices
Mapping Publishing: 5 Photo-Novels

Masrah Ensemble
Marsah – Theater Texts

Maha Haj
Mediterranean Fever

Jasser Haj Youssef

Ismaël Ferroukhi

Minwal Theatre Company

Mariam Mekiwi

Shama Babiker
Multiple Spaces, Continued Mobilizations: Conceptual and Stylistic Transformations in Visual and Spatial Arts in Sudan 1980-2010

Hassan El Bakkari
Music Sociology in Morocco: Music Learning in Secondary Education as a Model

Roger Anis
My Dear Friends

Widad Mjama

Omar El-Khairy

Echos Electrik
No Logo

Latifa Doghri
Nothing About my Mother

Nowhere Online Music Platform
Nowhere Online Music Platform

Beirut Art Center
Of Words and Stones

Hashem Adnan
Oh To End

Abdalsalam Alhaj
Old Wishes

Louly Seif
On The Longing to Be Devoured by a Shark

Suad Bushnaq
Original Soundtracks from Independent Arab Cinema

Nahed Awwad
Orthodox Intifada

Dorothée Myriam Kellou
Out of Place

Mohamad Al Khansa

Al-Harah Theater
Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth - Bethlehem 2020 Edition

Hind Meddeb
Paris Stalingrad


Shaima Al Tamimi
Pockets of Diaspora

Contemporary Image Collective
Popular Narratives (working title)

Muhannad Lamin
Prisoner and Jailer

CLUSTER-Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research
Public Inter-Library Online Technology-PILOT

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group
Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (RCDF)

Mohamed Said Ouma
Red Card

Medrar for Contemporary art
Roznama - Studio program

Moheb Mohamed Ali
Saleh Abdel-Hay: Jockey of Arab Music

Widad Adas
Sayed Darwish and Contemporary Youth Musical Practices in Egypt

Samir Ferjani
Shéhérazade Opéra

Feras Hatem
Shams and the Monsters

Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture
Shubbak Festival 2019

SJ Productions
SJ Productions

Amgad El Sabban
Sleep Thieves

Feras Charestan
Sound from the North (North of Syria)

Inès Arsi
Strong Girls

Randa Mirza & Wael Kodeih
Tarab and Arab Modernity (working title)

Ali Shiran

Beirut DC
The 10th Edition of Beirut Cinema Days

Ravy Shaker
The Ancient Mosque

Samer Asham
The Author Has Another Memory

Anissa Daoud
The Bath

Rochdi Belgasmi
The Cabaret of Tunis

Ridha Tlili
The Color of Phosphate

Ali Cherri
The Dam

Ihab Jadallah
The Doubt

Hanane Hajj Ali
The Dramatheque - Radical experience of HAKAWATI Theatre/ Lebanon

Doa Aly
The End of the World is not Tomorrow

Ahmed Shalaby
The Grand Nights

Khadar Ahmed
The Grave Digger

Razan AlSalh
The Greatest Wait

Labo Beckett pour les arts contemporains de la scène
The Holocaust of New Arts - Shock and Deterritorialization in Arab Contemporary Art

Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Jerusalem Show IX

Damien Ounouri
The Last Queen

Eyas Almokdad
The Last Scene

Ebrahim Elmoly
The Leaders of Tomorrow

Malek Bensmail
The Meursault Investigation

Joan Chaker
The Muleteer in the Lebanese Novel: Social Transformation in the Era of Global Capital

Ossama Halal
The Other Side of the Garden

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
The Palestine National Music Competition

Mohamedali Ltaief
The path of the sun or the bare life

Two or the Dragon
The Prosecution of Mustapha al-Agha (working title)

Nadia Rais
The Return of the Epistle

Basel Rajoub
The River of Lights

Khaled Mansour
The Seek for Mr. Rambo Haven

Alia Farid
The Space Between Classrooms

Mohamed Berro & Anastasiya Maksymchuk
The Veil

Wael Kadlo
The Way Home

Hewar Company for Independent Theater and Performing Arts
Theater Is a Must Forum 2019 – 6th Edition "Crossing Over"

Hind Shoufani
They Planted Strange Trees

Sami Hawat
Time Has Changed

Dina Naser
Tiny Souls

Colette Ghunim
Traces of Home

Heba Khamis
Transit Bodies

Awrad - Clown Me In
Trashion Show

Roy Arida
Under the Concrete

Lamine Ammar Khodja
Une Maison Pour Buster Keaton

Youness Atbane
Untitled 14km

Collectif Kahraba
Us, the Moon and the Neighbors

Lara Baladi
Vox Populi

Bassam Al-Sabah
Wandering Wandering with a Sun on my Back

Wissam Georges Tanios
We are from there

We are not going back (provisional title)

Mahasen Nasser-Eldin
We Carve Words in the Earth

Yasmina Reggad
We Dreamt of Utopia and We Woke Up Screaming

Mary Jirmanus
We Felt Again That Everything is New

Nadine Al Koudsi
When Will You Return?

Ayman Abdolsalam
Where Is My Stuff

Sareen Hairabedian
Whispers of Artsakh

Safana Bakleh
Women Who Adored God

Mokhtar Eldenary
Workshops - Theater of the Oppressed

Sharif Serhan
Workshops on Sculpture Techniques

Dalia Taha
Writing and Return

YAZAN Professional Actors Training

Malek Gnaoui
Yellow as the Sky

Muriel Kahwagi
Zajal: Between Improvisation and Institutionalization

Ismaël El Iraki
Zanka Contact

Zawya Cinema and Distribution
Zawya Cinema and Distribution

Zoukak Sidewalks - The Festival (2018)

Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development – NAWA
"Huna al-Quds 3" Instrumental Music

Layla Abyad
5 Seasons of Revolution

Basil Khalil
A Gaza Weekend

Hajooj Kuka
A Kasha

Mehdi Barsaoui
A Son

Yalda Younes
a universe not made for us

Petra Serhal

Culture and Education through Audiovisuel Association
Agadir-Sahara « Produire au sud » Workshop

Al Kamandjâti Association
Al Kamandjati Festival

Omar Haffaf
Algeria is Still Far Away

Nadir Bouhmouch

Assem Hendawi

Aliya Khalidi
Arab Voices; Stories of Palestine

Dancing on the Edge
Artistic Exchange KOON Theatre Group - DOX - Dancing on the Edge

Taghrid Choucair Vizoso
At Home in Gaza and London

Randa Maroufi
Bab Sebta

Alyaa Musa
Becoming Omer Khairy

Nidal Hassan
Before the Storm

Chisenhale Gallery
Black Earth

Malik Nejmi
Bledless; the Garden of Exile

On Marche
Border Lines

Khawla Ibraheem

Yassine El Idrissi

Issa Ibrahim Boulos
Bright Side of the Moon

Sama Alshaibi
Carry Over

Sara Fattahi

Yasser Tijani
Compulsory Recruitment

Comra Films
Comra Doc Film Camp - Yemen

Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution
Creating and Enriching an Online Platform to Archive the Syrian Pacific Movement

Ali Essafi
Crossing the Seventh Gate

Mohamad Alrashi
Diaries of a City We Don’t Recognize

IZIF for Music
Digital Library of Arab Folkloric Songs

Khaled Jarrar
Displaced in Heaven

Merzak Allouache
Divine Wind

El-Atlal Air #2

Medina Media

Ghassan Halwani
Erased, Ascent of the Invisible

Yara Boustany

Association Festival du Film Palestinien à Paris
Festival Ciné-Palestine 2018

Conservatory for Turkish Music Berlin
Foreign Rhythms - Baladi Gharib

Nottingham Contemporary
From Ear to Ear to Eye

Music and Beyond
Global Week for Syria


Jumana Manna
Green Banks

Nicolas Fattouh
How Grandmother Became a Chair

Khaled Omran
Human Reverie

Oussama Tabti
I'm the Algerian Man of Ellis Island

Sabrine El Hossamy

Visualizing Impact
Impact Data Lab

Larissa Sansour
In Vitro

Layale Chaker
Inner Rhyme

Mayye Zayed
Lift Like a Girl

Sima Ajlyakin
Live With It

Sandi Hilal
Living Room

Miral Al-Tahawy
Love Poetry of Bedouin Women: A Study of Female Oral Love Poetry and Songs in Bedouin Society

Ayman Nahle
Mad Crossings

Philippe Jarad
Mafar second album "Visa"

Btihal Remli

Fadia Tomb El-Hage

Bisan Toron
Migrant Songs

Hussam Aliwat

Jacques Debs
Musical Apocalypse

Nabil Anani
Nabil Anani; Art of Memory

Wassim Sharqi
No System

Wessam Talhouq

Mohamed Altoum
Nubian People

Mohanad Yaqubi
On that Day

Manar Moursi
One and Multiple

Asaad Hamzy
Original Duet and solo Guitar compositions album

Institut Culturel Franco-Palestinien
Palest’In & Out #3 Festival

Steve Sabella
Palestine: UNSETTLED

Rawan Mazeh
Persistent Aftermath

Ahmed Shawky
Product like an Artwork

Kinan Abuakel
Professional Studies (Etudes) for bozouk

Fadi Yeni Turk

P21 Gallery
Retracing a Disappearing Landscape

Rima Khcheich, Maarten Ornstein, Mike Fentross – The Album

Anthony Chidiac
Room for a Man

Room Art Space
Room Live

Husam Hilali
Rufaa 46

Lena Mirhej
Sabah el Kheir Marseille

Roy Dib

Jihan Kikhia
Searching for Kikhia

Rania Stephan
Seeing in Between: Samar Yazbek Interviewed

Wahid Ajmi
Short Memory

Shashat Women Cinema
Shoufouni! See me!

Dima El-Horr

Khalil Chahine
Sister Cities


Raymond Gemayel
sonic territory

Saeed Taji Farouky
Strange Cities are Familiar

Sudanese & South Sudanese Musical Youth Digital & Branding Training & Regional Outreach

Mark Gergis
Syrian Music Archives

Azza Abo Rebieh
Syrian Notebook

Tarek Al Haddad
Tabula Rasa

Mohamad Khayata

Ali Shiran

Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre
Terra Nullius

Teranim for Popular Arts
The “Medh”; Heritage of a Nation

Inas Halabi
The Authentic Bedouin

Othman El Kheloufi

Hala Lotfy
The bridge

Fethi Sahraoui
The Circus of Life

Khalid Youssef
The Fifth Resurrection of Farid

Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF)
The Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF)

Caroline Hatem
The House

The Invisibles

Alfred Tarazi
The Lovers

Hiba Alansari
The Math Book

Pierre Geagea
The Nature Child

UMAM Documentation & Research
The Passionate of Darkness - Exploring Political Prison Culture and Practices in the MENA Region

Jumana Abboud
The Pomegranate and the Sleeping Ghoul

Meyar Al-Roumi
The Return

Ghassan Salhab
The River

Mohamed Mahdy
The Suffering of Wadi El Qamar

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
The Ten Murders of Josephine

Fadi Toufiq
The Unfinished Work of Kevork Kasarian

Ahmed Gaber
The Water Shortage in Egypt Delta

Hesham Elsherif
The Way to Hell

Kawthar Younis
The World We Knew

Hewar Company for Independent Theater and Performing Arts
Theater is a must Forum 5th edition

Hicham Bouzid
Think Tangier

Rania Mneimneh
Tints of Resilience

Serene Alahmad
To See Jenin

Le Cube – Independent Art Room
Travelling Narratives

Zina Asfour
Tricoter/ Hiyakeh

Yassine Balbzioui
Twin Mousticos

SAVVY Contemporary
United Screens

Abdallah Daif
Untold Trauma

Lara Khaldi
Untranslatability; From Palestine to Budapest

Alaa Addin Al Alem

Samandal Comics Association

Visa for Music

Mohammed Ben Attia

Reem Saleh
What Comes Around

Cinema et memoire
Women in Cinema

Aisha Ibrahim

Alfoz Tanjour
Wooden Rifle

Ramzi Choukair
X - Adra

Amjad Abu Al Ala
You Will Die At Twenty

Salim Abu Jabal
Yusra and Dorothy

Chrystèle Khodr
“Temporary Title”

Samer Abu Qatmeh
194. Us, Children of the Camp

Rami Farah
A Comedian in a Syrian Tragedy

A Corner in the world
A Corner in the world

Mahdi Fleifel
A Drowning Man

Basil Khalil
A Gaza Weekend

Remi Itani
A Long Breath

Lina Issa
A Ticket to Atlantis

The Popular Theatre for Performing Arts and Training
Abu El-Kheizaran Road

Mustafa Said
Abul’Ala Al-Ma’arri

Fragments Theatre
Act to Change

Mariam Hammoud

Mohamed Siam

Hamza Mraihi
Amine & Hamza – The Band beyond Borders

Ahmed Tobasi
And Here I Am

Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Becoming Authentic

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival
Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival - Edition 4

Sarra Abidi

Mahmoud Hosni
Between Blindness and Insight

Dia Batal
Between Lands and Seas

Carmen Yahchouchi
Beyond Sacrifice

Usama Alshaibi
Boy from War

Mehdi Mariouch
Bribes de Vie

Nazih Bahraoui
Bye Bye Saddam

Karam Ali

Hady Zaccak
Cinema Tripoli

Criticism in Crisis

CULTURUNNERS 2016 - The Campaign Trail

Roy Saade
Dalieh; On the Edge

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group
Dance Summer Camp by Sareyyet Ramallah

Koutaiba Al Janabi
Daoud's Winter

Zineb Benjelloun

L'Art Rue
Dream City 2017

Pump House Gallery
Each Fighting its Own Little Battle in Happy Ignorance

Rania Shaheen
El-Pergola Legal Theatre for Marionettes

Electronic music workshop and performances with EMS (Sweden)

Al Bustan Seeds of Culture
Exploring (Dis)Placement

Yumna Al-Arashi

Adila Laïdi Hanieh
Fahrelnissa Zeid. Painter of Inner Worlds

Association Festival du Film Palestinien à Paris
Festival Ciné-Palestine 2017

Rola El Hussein
Fifteen Hours in Prison

Archipels Images
First Steps

Asmaa Alatawna
Five Memories for Esther

Raed Andoni
Ghost Hunting

Bahij Hojeij
Good Morning

Jamal Gubran

Echos Electrik

Hicham Lasri
HEAdbANG Lullaby

Sara Sallam
Hide and Seek

Rabih El-Amine
I Crossed the Hallway

Lina Al Abed

Khashabi Theatre
Identity in a Laboratory by Khashabi Theatre

Yazan Kopty
Imagining the Holy

Wiame Haddad
In Absentia

Nadia Bseiso
Infertile Crescent

Emel Mathlouthi

Elia Sulaiman
It Must be Heaven

Gilbert Mansour

Kabreet Second Album Production 2017

Khyam Allami

koon theatre
koon theatre Lab

Rawan Serhan

Feras Fayyad
Last Men in Aleppo

Wassim Halal
Le Cri Du Cyclope

Hoda Omran
Leaving Home


Avedis Kaprealian
Life = Cinematic Imperfections

Hadeer Mahmoud

Assirk Assaghir Association

Network of Arab Alternative Screens (NAAS)
Mapping Arab Cinema Audiences: Egypt

Bruno Boudjelal
Mapping of Massacres Sites in Algeria; the great massacres of 1997-1998

Ali Chahrour
Men of the Land of Fire

Dima Nachawi

Katharina Werk
Music Summer School Sounds of Palestine

Al Kamandjâti Association
Musical Journey Festival

Rafik Omrani
My Friend Gadhgadhi

Collectif Kahraba
Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Festival 2017

Nizar Rouhana
Nizar Rohana Album

Haig Aivazian
Not Everyday is Spring

Marwa Zein Al-Abdin Fadl
Off Khartoum Sides

Chaghig Arzoumanian
On fools and lands

Darine Hoteit

Rochdi Belgasmi
Ouled Jelaba ... On his footsteps, I Dance ...

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
Palestine Youth Orchestra Production and Tour

Tamer Ashry

Poems for Life

Mostafa Bassim
Post-revolutionary Social Change in Egypt

Ayman Boujlida
Preludes to Cartage

CLUSTER-Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research
Public Inter-Library Online Technology-PILOT

Malika Zarra

Nabil Gueddiche
Rain in the Heat of August

Firas Hassan

Mohamad Baalbaki
Sculptor in a Bedouin Tent

Iman Al-Dabbagh

Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture
Shubbak Festival 2017


Ashraf Kateb
Sonata Arabe

Ines Abassi
Sons of Mimosa

Ayyad Khalifeh

Sandra Dajani
Stretch Marks

P21 Gallery
Sudan; Emergence of Singularities

Yacine Boulares
Suite for Abu Sadiya

Merieme Addou
Suspended Wives

Hasan Hujairi
Symphonies of the Self: Majeed Marhoon Music Preservation Project

Estabrak Al-Ansari
Tales of the Mother tongue: Part 02 & 03

Cinémathèque de Tangier
Tangier Cinémathèque 10th Anniversary Archive Festival - First Edition

Maria Harfouche

EMCUE e.V. Europe MENA Cultural Exchange
TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Festival

Omar Elhamy

Metro Al Madina
Taxi songs

Sociétés Accidentelles
The Algerian vespers

Mahmoud Abu Wardeh
The Arabic songs for classical guitar

Youness Atbane
The Architects

Mohammad Fariji
The Collective Museum - Mauritania

Wael Qadour
The Confession

Spike Island
The Drift

Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Jerusalem Show VIII: Before and After Origins

Tareq Rantisi
The Kuwaiti World Jazz Experiment

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreij
The Notebooks

Beirut Art Center
The Portrait is an Address

Muayad Alayan
The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

Salah Saouli
The Seven Lives of M. Said

Karam Ghossein
The Street of Death and Other Stories

Cyril Aris
The Swing

Cherif El-Masri
The Wheel

Panos Aprahamian
This Haunting Memory That Is Not My Own

Hussen Ibraheem

Nancy Naous
Title under consideration

Nuha Innab
Traces of Socialism /Amman

Mouhannad Nasser
Voyage without Borders – Oumi Ensemble Album

Hamid Saïdji and Jonathan Mason
Wait For Me

Etab Azzam and Bridgette Auger
We are not Princesses

Muhammad Salah
Who Said White Is Better?

Younes Baba-Ali
Without Negociation

Amal Ramsis
You Come from Far Away

Youssra El Hawary
Youssra El Hawary First Album

Oussama Adib Ghanam
الدراماتورجيا المعاصرة في منظور عربي

Johnny Farraj
تحديث موقع عالم المقامات في الموسيقى العربية

Mohammad Maias Al-Yamani
10 Years Journey

Bassam Shams Aldin
A Family Outing

Eyad Abou Kasem
A Small Forest on the Other Side

On Marche
Al Mokhtabar III


Amani Amin
arabworldbooks.com upgrade Preserving our Past Modernizing for our Future

Sefsafa Culture and Publishing
Art exhibition during the Second Comics Week in Egypt

European Egyptian Contemporary Music Society
At Present

Djamel Kerkar

Ahmad Mousa Qasem
Awaiting Their Dead

Ahmad Magdy Hammam

Rania Mamoun

Ezzat Ismail Ezzat

Abderrahmane Doukkane
Breath of an arabian body

Medrar for Contemporary art
Cairo Video Festival 7 and Cairo Video Festival Archive

Malek Bensmail
Checks and Balances

Waguih El Laqany
cima masr

Ma3mal 612-Think Factory
Cinema Transport

Khaled Malas
Current Power in Syria

Ihab Jadallah
Desert Dogs - Feature Narrative

Mithkal Alzghair

Dalia Yassin
Dissect the Insects

Mustafa Saeed
Division Multiplied

Mohamed Abdul-Karim
Dramatic Episodes about locomotion

Raed El Rafei
Eccomi... Eccoti (Here I am... Here you are)

Taoufiq Izeddiou
En Alerte

Talal Derki
Fathers and Sons

Eltiqa for Contemporary Art
Gaza for Contemporary Art Program

Abdessamad El Montassir
Geographic Distances

Lara Tabet
Geography of tears

Farah Saleh
Gestures from the first Intifada

Wael Kodeih
Gharam wa Intiqam

Raed Andoni
Ghosts Hunting

Oussama Adib Ghanam

Hannibal Saad
Global Week for Syria

Hind Oudrhiri
Haouma _ Urban Stories from Casablanca

Donna Khalife
Heavy dance

Khouloud Yasine
Heroes – Surface of a Revolution

Heba Khalifa

El Mehdi Nassouli
Hommage a Troudant

Lina Al Abed

In the Heart of the heart of another country

Lailla Kilani
Joint Possession - Feature Narrative

Espace Darja

L'boulevard Festival - 17th édition

Ary Sarhan

Yahya Alabdallah
Me, Myself and Murdoch - Feature Narrative

Mersal Magazine

Eliane Raheb
Miguel’s War - Documentary

Arig Mohamed Aly
More than just a biography of the oboe player

Ekrem Heydo
My Paradise

Arwa Alneami
Never Never Land

Nour Bishouty
Not dispersed but assembled

Emaddedine Mabrouk
Nowhere online Music Platform

Mohamad Kassab
On the Edge of Life

Fadi Syriani
Operation Rudolph - Short Animation

Basma Alsharif
Ouroboros - Experimental

Mohamad Abusal

Choir of London
Palestine Choral Festival

Iyad Issa
Palestine tracks

Rana Eid
Panoptic - Documentary

Jago John Awang Tut
Paradise of the bats

Rania Al Bayoumi
Parallel Architectures - Short Experimental

Kristine Khouri & Rasha Salti
Past Disquiet: Narratives and Ghosts from the International Art Exhibition for Palestine, 1978

Lynn Kodeih & Rachel Dedman
Polycephaly #1

Amer Almatar and Razan
Project Prison Doc

yazan alhajari
Prophet of Glass

Mohsine Loukili
Rih Al Sharki

Yazan Al-Khalili
Robbery in Area A

Goethe Institut Sudan
SAMA Music Festival 2016

Samar King
Samar King

Tasneem Alsultan
Separated in Saudi

Contemporary Image Collective
Shadows of the Imperceptible

Ahmed Nazmi El-Assal

Sima Diab
She as He

Khalil Almozian

Elsie El Haddad
Silent Crisis (On life after imprisonment)

Afraa Batous

Samir Youssef
Snow Burns

Lamine Ammar Khodja
South of Nowhere - Feature Narrative

Inass Yassin
Sparkling City

Sud Ecriture

Imane Ibrahim
Symmetric, Isometric and Equivalent

Dina Haddadin
Symphony Of Absence 861

Alsharee for Media
Syrian Mobile Film Festival 3rd Edition

Mahatat for Contemporary Art
Tales of Community Art and Art in Public Space in the Arab World

Walid Tayaa
Tangled in Imbroglio

Hela Belhadj Ali

Ziad Kalthoum
Taste of Cement - Documentary

Dina Mousawi
Terrestrial Journeys

Orient Productions for Film & Theatre
The 2nd Arab Arts Focus, Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival 5th edition

Fakhri Ghezal
The after

Hicham Gardaf
The Backstage of Reality

Birzeit University
The best of all possible Gazas

Mohammed Amine El Makouti
The body and Space-time

Hala Lotfy
The Bridge - Feature Narrative

Mohammed Benmiloud
The Dangerous Neighborhood

Aida Al Kashef
The Day I Ate the Fish - Documentary

Mohammed Abu Geth
The Devil’s Drivers

Ghada Terawi
The Forgotten

Khaled Soubeih
The Great Departed Band

Mohamed Al Daradji
The Journey - Feature Narrative

Ala Slim
The Last of Us - Feature Narrative

Irab for Arabic Music
The Lebanese Divas of the Fourties

Ymane Fakhir
The Lion’s share

Bassem Breish
The Maiden’s Pond - Feature Narrative

Youssef Chebbi
The Occupants - Short Narrative

Suha Arraf
The Poster - Feature Narrative

Radio Beirut
The Shoreline Sessions Music Festival 2016

Ehab Tarabieh
The Taste of Apples is Red - Feature Narrative

Kinda Hassan
The Tone So Prolonged - Interrupted

Dania Reymond
The Trial Garden - Short Narrative

Suhaib Gasmelbari
The Waiting Bench - Documentary

Selim Mourad
This Little Father Obsession

Tamara Stepanyan
Those from the shore

Danya Hammoud
To rest on a slope

Samer Eldahr

Abdullah Miniawi

Salim Albeik
Two tickets to Sepphoris

Animation 8

Karim Moussaoui
Until the Birds Return - Feature Narrative

Haifa Institute for Arts and Media
Uttar from Gaza

Lina Abiad
Vertical or Horizontal?

Visa for Music

Mohamed Abdulla
Waiting for the Elephant to Alight on a Tree

Zied Ben Romdhane
West of Life

Omar Abusaada
While I was waiting

Rawiya Collective
Workshop for photographers in Gaza

Rania Rafei
Yumna - Feature Narrative

Wassim Sharqi

Arab Image Foundation
A Collaborative Online Platform for Photographic Archives in the MENA Region

Gudran for Arts and Development
A Horizontal Musical Assembly, 4th edition

Amira Al-Sharif
A Love Song to Socotra Island

Majd Fadda
A Window for the Author Airenyosh Aaredenski

Ossama Halal
Above Zero

Mazen Kerbaj
Al Marseilleise Al ‘Arabi

Monira Al Qadiri
Alien Technology

Alif Ensemble

Yasser Tijani
And This Too Is Not a Play

Art and Architecture. The Medinas: an Experimental Model of Development

PACA/ International Art Academy – Palestine
Art Production

Leyla Bouzid
As I Open my Eyes - Feature Narrative

Sawsan Darwazah
As We forgive?

Asma Ghanem
At Land

Alyaa Musa
Becoming Omar Khairy - Documentary

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival
Beirut & Beyond – Second Edition

Michel Kammoun
Beirut Hold’em - Fiction

Samar Hazboun
Beyond Checkpoints

Bidoun Projects
Bidoun Web Archive

Vikram Divecha
Boulder plot

Carlos Chahine

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
CD and Video Documentation of "That Which is Adorned: Arabic Poetry and Music" Project

Cinema House
Cinema Crossroads

Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle Eastern Music & Musicstage Promotions Ltd
Cities of Salt Opera

Vartan Avakian
Collapsing Clouds of Gas and Dust

CURATING THE CONTEMPORARY: Training Program for Curators of the Arab Region

Ahmed Essadek
Dance of the pendulum

Mark Louis
Dangerous Profiles - Documentary

Abdul Hadi Hashem

Death Come through the Eyes

Doa Aly
Deer in the Headlights

Marouan Oumara
Dream Away - Feature Documentary

Randa Mirza
EL-ZOHRA was not born in a day

Electronic magazine ‘Ma3azef.com’

Sara Ouhaddou
Entre 2

Hamid Saïdji and Jonathan Mason
Escape - Short Fiction

Jocelyne Saab
Faten's Honour - Docu-Fiction

Amanda kerdahi
Filtered Conversations at Round Table

Samara Salam
Four Hours and a Half

Faisal Al Fouzan
Friday Gathering

Slaoui Mohamed
Generation Boulevard - Feature Documentary

Rana Aljarbou
Hajwalah - Short Fiction

Yante Youth, Art & Levante

Selim Ben Safia

Khaled Abdulwahed
Jellyfish - Documentary

Rula Halawani
Jerusalem is Calling

Hanane Hajj Ali

Eman Helal
Just Stop

Ma3mal 612-Think Factory
Karama Human Rights Film Festival “From Amman to Gaza… with hope”

Roy Samaha
Last Portrait - Fiction

Zineb Sedira
Laughter in Hell

Omar Imam
Live Love Refugee

Rita Ibrahim
Live Streaming

Yasser Naeim
Looking for Essam Abdullah - Feature Documentary

Hamza Boulaiz
Louisa and Najat

Danseurs Citoyens
Made by Street

Omar Sharqawi
Madina - Fiction

Hana Tefrati
MAM15 / Maroc Artist Meeting 2015

Acem Bettouhami

Eliane Raheb
Miguel’s War - Documentary

Kinan Ednawi
Modern Compositions for Oud, in Collaboration

Younes Baba-Ali

Ghassan Sahhab
My Orient - original oriental tunes

Mostafa Abd Rabu
Naked Houses

Zakharef in Motion
Nomads Dance Camp

Maysoon Pachachi
Nothing Doing in Baghdad - Fiction

Natalie Naccache
Our Limbo

Cinema et memoire
Passages in African Cities

Assabil Association
Performing Arts in Horsh Beirut Festival

Cynthia Zaven
Perpetuum Mobile

Information Assembly for Culture, Heritage and the Arts
Popular Husani Tarab

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation
Puppet Theatre in the Arab World: A Selection of Past and Present Experiences

Tarek Yamani
Quarter Tones in Harmony

Arab Media Lab
Re-Mapping of the Media Happening and Digital Art Practices in the Arab World” during Digital Marrakech Festival 4

Ismael Louati
Refugees - Documentary

Amir El Saffar
Rivers of Sound: Not Two

Anthony Chidiac
Room for a Man - Feature Documentary

Salim Abu Jabal
Roshmia - Feature Documentary

El Amine Mohamed Hattou
Searching for Janitou - Feature Documentary

Mohammad Banihani
She of the Red Dress

Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture
Shubbak 2015

Samandal Comics Association
Soulala, Samandal Anthology 2014

Shaikha Al Mazrou
Stand here

Louai Alhenawi
Tafahum Album

Zara Samiry
Tales of the Moroccan Amazons

Alaa Zouiten
Talking Oud

Dar Al-Mussawir
Ten Stories from Various Syrian Refugee Communities in Lebanon

Joseph Kai
The AFAC "Why Culture?" Comics Competition

Amina Benali
The AFAC "Why Culture?" Comics Competition

Khalid Shamis
The Colonel’s Stray Dogs - Documentary

Yahya Alabdallah
The Council - Feature Documentary

Arthur Gabriel Yak
The day Azrael committed suicide

Misr International Films (Youssef Chahine)
The Fiction in the Real: Non Fiction Films Month at Zawya

Sharif Serhan
The Game of War

Mohamed Soueid
The Insomnia of a Serial Dreamer - Feature Documentary

Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Jerusalem Show VII

Zeinab Charafeddine
The last bottle before the dawn prayer

Nadet Abd-Al-Massih Boutros
The Mincer

Reem Falaknaz
The Place of Perpetual Undulation

Sumaya Abdulqader
The round table of the morgue

International Film Seminars, Inc. / The Flaherty
The Scent of a Place

Cultural Space Association
The Schools’ Festival of Popular Sayings

Hicham Lasri
The Sea Is Behind - Fiction

Hassan Darsi
The Square from Below

Maan Mahmoud Abu Taleb
The Transformations

Tamara Stepanyan
Those from the shore - Documentary

Bassam Chekhes
To All Naked Men - Fiction

Hamada ElRasam
Traces of Conflict

Vatche Boulghourjian
Tramontane - Fiction

Khaled Kaddal
Trapped Sounds

Soukaina Habiballah
Unread Mail

Visa for Music

Adelita Husni Bey
White Paper, land, occupation and the social body

Sarah Srage
Wled Bayrout - Feature Documentary

Habib Attia
Zaineb Hates the Snow - Feature Documentary

Hinde Boujemaa
...And Romeo Married Juliette - Short Fiction

Hisham Abed
1001 Arabian Knights

Safa Mohammadi
1001 Mimes for Change – 2nd Edition

Yazid Anani
50 Unknown Palestinian Artists

Raed Wahash
A Missing Piece from the Damascus Sky

Amira Hanafi
A People's Dictionary of the Revolution

Dalyah Bakheet
A Story Of Violence - Short Documentary

Rakan Mayasi
Al Hawi Khattaf Al Tabaq - Short Fiction

Sawsan Bou Khaled

B’chira Art Center
Art at My Door

Mohammad Musallam
Art in public spaces

The Palestinian Circus School

Ahmad Al-Khoja
Beirut Open Channel

Maqamat Dance Theater

Wessal Mahmoud

Medrar for Contemporary art
Cairo Video Arts Festival

Mohammad Fariji
Casablanca’s Old Aquarium

Lawrence Bou Hamdan
Cassette Sermons

Ahmad and Mohammed Abunasser (Tarzan and Arab)
Casting - Feature Fiction

Mohamed Elmahdaoui
Central Margins

Ghassan Halwani
Clean up the living room we've got visitors coming over

Ismail Nashef
Death in Palestinian Art

Sadek Bouzinou

Fadi Al-Ghawanmeh
Designing a digital equation for the Arabic Mawwal

Rima Djahnine
Disaster… And Time Fades Away

Hela Help Orangization

Orient Productions for Film & Theatre
Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival - Third session

Omar Al Jbaai
Dr. Balmy’s Double Story

Moulay Abdellah Hsak
Drop Bump

Mahmoud Khairallah
Egypt’s Bars, the Rise and Fall of Civil Society

Joyce Raie
Empty Cassette

Ali Tnani

Nizar Rouhana

Jowe Harfouche
FAP FAP - Feature Documentary

Ali Chahrour

Bassem Breish
Free Range - Short Fiction

Naziha Arebi
Freedom Fields - Feature Documentary

Cyrinne Douss
From one life to another

Ahmad Magdy
Giraffe - Feature Fiction


Espace Darja
Hay Rapsody

Joyce Nashawati
Heatwave - Feature Fiction

Mohammed Ben Attia
Hedi - Feature Fiction

Najib Hakim
Home Away from Home: Little Palestine by the Bay

Abdelouaham Samkane
Inshitar al-Mutawa77id

Mazen Al-Sayyed

Lubna Naaman
Kan Ya Ma Kan

Mustafa Bucrona
Kazabou Alena (They Lied to Us)

Anas Al-Moghrabi
Khebez Dawle

Mahdi Fleifel
Men in the Sun - Feature Fiction

Ahmad Gabr

Mideast Youth
Mideast Tunes

Huda Asfour

Nadine Michael Salib
Mother of the Unborn - Feature Documentary

Universes in Universe
Nafas Art Magazine

Nothing to Declare

Samer Jaradat

Mohanad Yaqubi
Off Frame - Feature Documentary

Dona Timani
Paint a Vulgar Picture

Rana Eid
Prison - Feature Documentary

Tanweer – Independent Culture
Promoting Literary Publication

Erige Sehiri
Railway Men - Feature Documentary

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
Ramadan Nights and Tarab Nights Festival in Jerusalem

Riwaq Center for Architectural Conservation
Research on reviving the rural areas of Palestine

Nayssam Jalal
Rhythms of Resistance

Chadi Aoun
Samt (Silence)

Oussama Mohammed
Silvered Water - Feature Documentary

Haifa Institute for Arts and Media
Spot Light from Gaza - A Video Arts Workshop

Moez Mrabet
Striptease – the Rat’s Feast

Art Residency Aley
Syrian Art in Hard Times

Monika Borgmann and Lokman Slim
Tadmor - Feature Documentary

Maya AlKhoury
Taste of Revolution - Feature Documentary

Ramia beladel
The "Why Culture? Video Competition"

Ayman Abdelhameed
The "Why Culture? Video Competition"

Yassine Abou El-Haytham
The Car

Yasser Abed El Hafeez
The Coffee Revolution

Soudade Kaadan
The Day I Lost My Shadow - Feature Fiction

Mohammed Cheeir
The Days of Naguib Mahfouz

Maysaloun Ezzawi
The Far End of the Garden

Firas Khoury
The Flag - Feature Fiction

Doa Aly
The House of Rumor

Ziad Kalthoum
The Immortal Sergeant - Feature Documentary

Sobhi Moussa
The Moriscos

The Freedom Theater
The Playback Theatre Freedom Bus

Basel Rajoub
The Queen of Turquoise

Mohamed Al Hawajri
The Red Carpet

Popular Imagination Theatre
The Revolution of Colors – 2nd edition

Seen Films
The Seen Initiative for Technology and Expression

Mohammad Abdel Nabi
The Spider’s House

Hani Al-Sawah, AKA Sayyed Darwish
The Story of the Sleepers

Ehab Tarabieh
The Taste of Apples is Red - Feature Fiction

The Palestine Film Foundation in the UK
The World is with Us

Ayman Alladaa
There, on the Map

Nancy Naous
These shoes were made for walking

Bassam Chekhes
To All Naked Men - Feature Fiction

Yasser Abd Elbaqi

Foundation for Arab Music Archiving and Research
Treasures of private musical recordings

Atheer Safa

Sherif AlBendary
Two Rooms and a Reception - Feature Fiction

Mo’tassem Jakro
Waiting for the Turtle

Nida Sinnokrot
Who Killed Nabil Fawzi? The History of Comics in the Middle East - Feature Documentary

Bouchahed Mohamed Amin
Why Culture?” Poster Competition

Ibrahim Brimo
Why Culture?” Poster Competition

Yante Youth, Art & Levante
“I Can Move” Community Dance Palestine

Sameh El Gabas
“The Blue Wolf” and “The Curse of Sumanat”

Nawel Skandrani
100% Water! / Ila hadden mè... / EauSecours!

Khaled Omran
180 Degrees

Sada for contemporary Iraqi art
2013 Baghdad Art Education and Beirut Spring Intensive

Mariam Elias
3freet El-Net

Mohamed Ragab
432 Hours

Majd Hajjawi
A Few Days in Syria - Feature Fiction

Dahna Abourahme
A Folktale of Palestine - Feature Documentary

Maher Abi Samra
A Maid for Each - Feature Documentary

Ezzat Ismail Ezzat
A Night of Contemporary Dance (2)

Mazen Khaled
A Very Dangerous Man - Short Fiction

Sara Ismail
A Writing and Reading of an Untitled Play

Djemal Fawzy
Abruption - Short Fiction

Hala Salah Eldin Hussein
Al – Bawtaka Electronic Magazine

Mohamad Hafeda
Al-Mazraa, Negotiating Spaces of Conflict

Nadia Shihab
Amal’s Garden - Short Documentary

Mohamed Hassan Shawky
And on a Different Note - Experimental

Mohamed Kamal Harb
Another Light – A Multi-Media Art Exhibition

Ali Hammoud
Asphalt - Feature Documentary

Karima Zoubir
Behind the Wall - Short Fiction

Abir El-Sayed
Between Us, A Fish: A book of poetry

Johnny Farraj
Book/ Arabic Music, Theory And Practice

Rachid Biyi
Bread and Angels - Feature Documentary

Wael Alkak
Breaking News

Cahiers de la Cimatheque

Dalia Naous

Walaa Fathe Hassan

Mohamad Osama Halal

Cinema on the Move

Samia El-Atout
Coming and Going to the Square

Jana Wehbe
Contrepoids - Feature Documentary

Héla Ammar

Cultural Program 2012

Al Mastaba Band

Mohammad Harradi
Dante - A Novel

Houda Mhiri

Mohamed Shafik
Donkey's farm

Bahia BenCheikh-El-Fegoun
Dream Fragments - Feature Documentary

Ali Cherri
Earth-Shattering Dreams

Ahmed Madkour
Egyptian Contemporary Classical Music Outreach Program

Mohamed Abdul-Karim
External Rotation

Nadim Mishlawi
Eye of the Architect - Feature Documentary

Wael Qadour
Far Away

Nora Amin
Forum Theatre workshops & launching the Arab network for Theatre of the Oppressed

Hazem Alhamwi
From My Syrian Room - Feature Documentary

Ghassan Kanafani Audio Books

Wael Kodeih
Good bye Schlöndorff

Dalia Soleiman
Hinter Tausend Staeben Keine Welt - Feature Documentary

Dima Hourani
Imagined Homeland - where we are living

Tamer Al-Saeed
In the Last Days of the City - Feature Fiction

Nizar Al-Rawi
Iraqi National Festival for Short Films

Dora Bouchoucha
It Was Better Tomorrow - Feature Documentary

Usama El-Shazly
Kafr al-Abeet

Samir Youssef

Ahmad Al-Khoja
Khatt Thaleth

Wagdy El-Komy
Lace Houses

Tariq Farrag
Landing Slowly Below

Manar Moursi
Learning from the Sidewalk: 1001 Chairs in Cairo

Tamer Institute for Community Education
Letters to the Present

Mohamad Abusal
Lighting 2

Mohamed Badarneh
May You Come Back Safely

Sahar Mandour

Fadi Yeni Turk
Monumentum - Feature Documentary

Nadine Michael Salib
Mother of the Unborn

Monira Al Qadiri

Nasri Hajjaj
Munich: A Palestinian Story - Feature Documentary

Ramez Fawzi
Music in the Streets – Traveling Music Concerts

Collectif Kahraba
Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran

Mustafa Mustafa
Novel Writing and Publication (Title Undecided)

Omar Al Jbaai
Now / Here

Lamia Ziadé
O Nuit O Mes Yeux

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group
Ordinary Madness

Philip Rizk and Jasmina Metwaly
Out on the Streets - Feature Documentary

Kristine Khouri & Rasha Salti
Past Disquiet: Narratives and Ghosts from the International Art Exhibition for Palestine, 1978

Riad Abdel-Gawad
Peace Poem

Maha Haj
Personal Matters - Short Fiction

Contemporary Image Collective
PhotoCairo 5

The Image Festival Association – Zakira
Photography Training Workshops at Barbar Khazen Women's Prison

The Popular Theatre for Performing Arts and Training
Please Steal Less

Eman Hemeda
Poisonous Roses - Feature Fiction

Adel Abdel Wahab
Political Publication

Ahmed Nazmi El-Assal
Proving a case (Ithbat 7ala)

Mounzer Baalbaki
Rapid Eye Movement – REM

Mashrou’ Laila
Recording of Mashrou' Leila’s 3rd album

Ahmed Saeed Asiri
Recording the album “Human”

Viola Shafik
Scent of a Revolution - Feature Documentary

Bassam Jarbawi
Screwdriver - Feature Fiction

Niam Itani & Lara Abou Saifan
Shadow of a Man - Feature Fiction

Beirut Art Center
Solo Exhibition by Jananne Al-Ani

Oussama Helmy
Tales of Travel, Revolution and Paper

Inaam Kachachi

Arab Media Lab
The 3rd Digital Marrakech Festival

Mohammad Banihani
The 9th Day before the Last

Salah Saouli
The Collection of Y. Hayek Series 1

Yamen Salman Mohamad
The Controller

Ramez Youssef
The Craft - Feature Documentary

Rifqi Assaf
The Curve - Feature Fiction

Alaa Rashidi
The Final Game before Setting the Rules

Wissam Arbache
The First Day

Usama Abu Zeid
The Forgotten

The Free Arab
The Free Arab

Oussama Adib Ghanam
The Homecoming

Mohamed Rashad
The Little Eagles - Feature Documentary

Sara Ishak
The Mulberry House - Feature Documentary

Emaddedine Mabrouk
The Other Side

Aden Photography Club
The Scent of Civilization

Khadija Al Salami
The Screem

Amine El-Gotaibi
The Submission Ring

Katibeh Khamseh
The Traveling Pieces

Rabih El-Amine
The Trees also Die - Feature Fiction

Ghassan Salhab
The Valley - Feature Fiction

Mohammed Alaa Eldin Mohammed Fahmy Ali
The Vitrine

Shams Association
The Wall

Walid El Abed
The Wall

Mobadroon for culture and media consulting
Theater of Change

Moez Mrabet
Tunisia’s Theatre Lab

Shams Theater
Two Plays: "Yahya Lives” & “Keep Your Eye on the Camera"

Wassim Ghozlani
Under the Fence

Salma Al Tarzi
Underground/On the Surface - Feature Documentary

Tarek Emam
Ungaretti’s Buried Port

Ahmad Ghossein
Upside Down - Feature Fiction

Fabrique Culturelle des Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca
Urban Dance Meetings

Visualizing Impact
Visualizing Palestine

Ula Al Khatib
Waiting for You

Hassiba Belhadj
Walou - Feature Documentary

Layla Triqui
Waves - Feature Documentary

Ely Dagher
Waves 98

Mouad Bouyadou
World (D-2112)

Rania Rafei & Raed Rafei
'74 - Feature Documentary

Bassem Yousri
“Ma Tikhsarnish” Spread a Word Campaign

Zineb Sedira
"Artist Residency in Algiers" (A.R.I.A)

Mai Masri
3000 Layla - Feature Fiction

Wassim Al Moghrabi
A Sea’s Tale

Lana Nasser
Aat Festival Celebrating International Women's Day

Shaza Moharam
Ahlam - Feature Documentary

Leila Tayeb
Art and Gender in the 2011 Libyan Revolution

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation
Art Residency for Puppet Theatre in Khartoum

Artellewa Art Space
Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project

Hala Al-Abdallah
As If We Were Catching a Cobra - Feature Documentary

Teatro Alexandria
Backstreet Festival – “Towards Arts are Non-Traditional Spaces”

Hayat Association for Theatre
Banned Artists

Sara Francis
Birds of September - Feature Documentary

Parine Jaddo
Broken Records - Feature Documentary

Abdullah Al-Ghali
Cairo-Ar-Rehebat - Feature Documentary

Aspis Production

Nadine Khan
Chaos, Disorder - Feature Fiction

Joe Namy

B’chira Art Center
Collecting Art

Orient Productions for Film & Theatre
D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival)

Assirk Assaghir Association
Dancing Colors

Elkheyer Zidani
Deadly Business - Feature Documentary

Digital library of music production

Beirut DC

Documenta 13
Documenta 13

Irab for Arabic Music
Documenting the life of Fleifel Bros

Raed Andoni
Family Albums - Feature Documentary

Nasser Al-Shorbaji al-Mazik
Fareeq El Atrash and Deeb on tour in Egypt

Nadine Naous
Home Sweet Home - Feature Documentary

Mariam Saleh Suleiman
I am not singing

Sahar Hadi Taha
I Have Loved You

Ali Atassi
Ibn al-3am Online

Olivia Snaije & Mitchell Albert
Keep Your Eye on the Wall

Hilal Chouman
Limbo Beirut

Al Sharif Mohammad Treibak
Little Joys - Feature Fiction

Maan Mahmoud Abu Taleb

Mass Alexandria
Mass Alexandria: Program 1

Abdullah Alkafri
Mrs. Ghada’s Threshold of Pain

Mais Darwazeh
My Love Awaits me by the Sea - Feature Documentary

Assabil Association
My story, your story, our story – making up a story at the public library

Larissa Sansour
Nation Estate - Short Fiction

Maya Abul Hayyat
No One Knows His Blood Type

Fatima Al Qadiri & Khaled Al Gharaballi
NxIxSxM (Mendeel Um A7mad)

Roy Dib
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Mohanad Yaqubi
Off Frame - Feature Documentary

Wael Toubaji
One Hand

Mohannad Hadi
Oriental Jazz

Taghreed Sanhouri
Our Beloved Sudan

Kamal Al Jaafari
Passerby - Feature Fiction

Fawzy Saleh
Poisonous Roses

Ribal al-Khodari and Bassel Rajjoub
Political Poems

Sameh El Gabas

Hala Galal
Raise Your Head, You are a proud Egyptian - Feature Documentary

Ramallah Docs 2012

Youssef Rihani
Rocking Chair- Say, Youssef

Samandal Comics Association
Samandal Magazine Issue 15

El Amine Mohamed Hattou
Searching for Janitou - Feature Documentary

Mahmoud Hojeij
Stable Unstable - Feature Fiction

Oussama Mohammed
Stars in Broad Daylight

Shaker Louaibi
Surrealist Architecture: an Architectural and Aesthetic Study

Hisham Ghassan Naddaf
Symphonic Suite Ishtar

Hatem Akram Imam
Take me to this Place: I Want to Make the Artist - Experimental

Bab lebhar Cinetheatre

Voice of Women- Nassawiya
Tarek’s Daughters: a Tribe of Contemporary Arab Women

Teatro for Performance Arts Workshops

Baree Khalil
Texts I Found in the Washing Machine

Maya Chami
The “Victory Sign”

The Breeze of Dance 2 Grantee: Rezodanse

Frederique Cifuentes
The Disappearing Heritage of Sudan

Hassan Blasim
The Goat’s Song

Abir Esper
The Ingenuity of Flowers

Dar Al M’amoun
The international art residency at Dar Al M’amoun

Mansour Idris Mohamad
The Last Sultan

Karim Goury
The Man Inside - Feature Documentary

Saeed Taji Farouky
The Runner - Feature Documentary

Suleiman Al Bassam
The Speakers Progress

Hanane Darqawi
The Waist and The Homeland

Amer Shomali/ Saed Andoni
The Wanted 18 (post-Production) - Feature Documentary

Nora Amin
Theatre of the Oppressed:

Shadi Ghassan Zaqtan
Theib (Fox) and album of songs

Tania Khoury
This Sea is Mine

Triangular Exchange -IRTIJAL FEST

Hind Shoufani
Trip Along Exodus - Feature Documentary

Ateek Ensemble

Aseel Mansour
Uncle Nashaat - Feature Documentary

98 weeks
Why do you publish, Beirut/An Art Publishing Encounter

Imad Mortada
Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution

“Shuf” Association
Workshops and artist residency at the Seventh International Festival of Comic Strips in Tetouan

Nacer Khemir
Yasmina and the 60 Names of Love

Support for Information Technology
Your Right to Know

Al Beyt Arts and Cultutre Association
Zahr Al Adab

Sala 1 cultural association
"Wounded Water" Iraqi Pavilion at the Venice Biennale

Fadi Sayed Alghoul
A Children's Theater Review of the Wizard of Oz

Marwa Zein Al-Abdin Fadl
A Lake the Size of a Papaya - Short Fiction

Mahmoud Abdelghani
An Anthology of Autobiography in old Arab literature

Metropolis Art Cinema
Beirut Animated Workshop

Ahmad Issa Almograbi

Khayal Cooperative Association for Arts and Education
Caravan 2011

Houtaf Maroun Khoury
Clouds of Memory

Akram Musallam
Confusing the Stork

Rania Kamel
Dawar el-Barr

Bassem Fayad
Diaries of a Flying Dog - Feature Documentary

Subhi Ali Al-Sharqawi
Documenting and recording songs and popular children's games in Jordan

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
Festival of Spring and Festival of Tarab Nights in Jerusalem

Damien Ounouri
Fidai - Feature Documentary

Nawafez Society For Translation, Development and Dialogue
Found Object Art

Maher Sherif Hassan
Handmade Literary Pamphlets

Taha Adnan
Happy Birthday

Najim Al-Dyni
Icons of Illusion

Amir Nizar Zubi
In the penal colony

Lena Mirhej
Jam and Yoghurt

Arab Resources Center For Popular Arts/ ARCPA
Jinana Summer Gathering

Fathy Adly Salama
Karima Nayt

Basma Alsharif

Iman Humaydan
Letters of Istanbul

Mohammad Maias Al-Yamani
Maias al Yamani musical performance

Hazem Berrabah
Maj'noun - Short Fiction

Al Mahatta Gallery
My Neighbor is Going

Mohamed Allam
My Nineties

Nadya Al-Kwkabani
My Sana’a

Rashid Al-Daif
Paving the Sea

Safaa Fathy
Saving Mohammad from Water - Feature Documentary

Qaraouiyine Association
Scriptwriting Support

Nidal Musa AbuDyab
Storm in the Selwan Valley - Feature Documentary

Kathleen Ann Hood
Sustainability and Change in Bedouin Music of northern Jordan

Shams Theater
The 50 Days/50 Years Festival

Chamates Theatre
The Alienation of Hassan al Wazzan

The House of poetry in Morocco
The First Gathering of African Arab Poets

Lahcen Bakour
The Forest of Knowledge

Jamal Naji
The Gasp of Creatures

Khalil Swelih
The Gazelle Will Come to You

Mansoura Ezz Al Deen
The Mountain of Life

The Arabic house of music
The Seventh Arab Monodrama Theater Festival

Yasser Mohamed Sha'ban
The Shadows

Ghada El-Halawani
The Testament Writer

Birzeit University
The third installation in a series of art exhibits on Palestinian cities at Birzeit University's Ethnographic and Art Museum

Adel Mohamed Ismail
The Time of Shadows

Association for the promotion & progress of children
Training Workshop for Popular Dance

Independent Film & Television College Baghdad
Traveling Student Film Festival

Rima Khcheich

Diana El Jeiroudi
What's bothering Dr. Rami? - Feature Documentary

Mohamed Eid Yossef
Women's Theater Workshop

Shuruq Harb
A Picture of Every Picture

Oula Al Khatib
A Syrian Room

Hala Salah Eldin Hussein
Al Bawtaka Review

Ghassan Abdallah
Al Safarjal Trip - Feature Fiction

Ibrahim El Batout
Ali and the Goat - Feature Fiction

Faek El Homasssi
All These Gestures

Orwa Nyrabia
Baladi - Feature Documentary

Palestinian Art Court -Al hoash
Between Here and Somewhere Else

Raed Yassin
Cairo Diaries - Short Fiction

Karima Zoubir
Camera/Woman - Feature Documentary

Abedelaziz Errachidi

Habib Attia
Challat of Tunis - Feature Documentary

Toufic Farroukh
Cinéma Beyrouth

Mohamed Kamal Harb
Civil Spirit

Assabil Association
Cultural Revitalization of Public Libraries

Kinan Azmeh
Damascus Festival Chamber Players

Asma Huda kassatly
Dome Houses in northern Syria

Dima Yasin-Abu Ghoush
Emwas - Feature Documentary

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group
Festival Spaces for Contemporary Dance

Babylon Cult Art
Fez Festival of International Expressive Dance

Aida Eltrorie
Fly Away

Philippe Aractingi
Forgiveness - Feature Fiction

Omar Abi Azar

Youssef Rihani
Hey Youssef!

Huda Abdallah Lutfi
Huda Lutfi: Collections and Critique

Soha Bechara
I Dream of a Prison Made of Cherries

Mohamad Malas
If Only Brightness Had Eyes - Feature Fiction

Iraqi Maqam Foundation
Iraqi Maqam and Arabic Music Scales

Samir Bahajin
Journey Into Moroccan Heritage with a New Perspective

Bab lebhar Cinetheatre
Lal Jamila

Mohamed Salah Alazab
Land Line

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreij
Lebanese Rocket Society - Feature Documentary

Haider Saeed
Literature and Views of the World- A Study in the Formal Construction of Modern Arabic Literature

Fawzy Saleh
Living Skin - Feature Documentary

Enas Al-Muthaffar
Lost and Found - Short Fiction

Zeina Maasri
Off the Wall: Political Poster of the Lebanese Civil War

Saba Innab

Malek Bensmail
Origins - Feature Documentary

Engaged Events
Palestine Festival for Literature 2010

Khairalla Reshak Said
Paper and papermakers in Arabo-Islamic Civilization

Ahmad Abdalla El-Sayed
Rags and Tatters - Feature Fiction

Fouad Nabil Yammine
Shash Bash

Dalia Basiouny

Beirut Art Center
Solo and/or Collective Exhibitions: Exhibition Series

Rania Mamoun
Son of Sun

Louly Seif
Take Me Back to Sydney - Feature Documentary

Irab for Arabic Music
The Arabic Music Library

Mohamed Al Hawajri
The Cactus Borders

Hazem Alhamwi
The Childhood of a Place - Feature Documentary

Laila Hotait-Salas
The Crayons of Askalan - Feature Documentary

Ezzat El-Kamhawi
The Italian Dream

Hoda Barakat
The Kingdom of this Earth

Samia Emad El Din Mehrez
The Literary Cairo Installation

Nahed Awwad
The Mail - Feature Documentary

Elias Moubarak
The terrorist - Feature Documentary

Solhi Al Wadi Institute of Music
The Third Solhi Al Wadi International Piano Competition for Youth 2010

Rania Stephan
The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni - Feature Documentary

Amer Shomali
The Wanted 18 - Feature Documentary

Issa Ibrahim Boulos
The Young Composer

Hanane Hajj Ali
Theater De Beyrouth (1965-2005)

Iman Issa
Thirty-three Stories about Reasonable Characters in Familiar Places

Nabil Maleh
Transformation - Feature Fiction

Mahmoud Iberaken
Trilingual Encyclopedic Dictionary of Information and Communication in Arabic-English-French

Akram Zaatari
Twenty Eight Nights and a Poem - Feature Documentary

Sharafdin Majdolin
Types of Imaginary Narratives in the Arabic language

Sobhi Al Zbaidi
Via Dolorosa - Feature Fiction

Zuleikha Aburisha
Virility in the Mirror of Feminism: A Cultural Interpretation

Arab Children Friends Association
Website for Palestinian Children

Annemarie Yusuf Jacir
When I Saw You - Feature Fiction

Mohammad Taha Al-Ghawanmeh
Women’s Musical Heritage in Jordan

Al Beyt Arts and Cultutre Association
Written Arabic

Samiha Ali khrais
Yahya Al-Karaki

Regine Abadia
Yasmina and Mohammed - Feature Documentary

Djamila Sahraoui
Yema - Feature Fiction

Adham Hafez
The Frankenstein Project

Liana Badr
Al Quds, My City - Feature Documentary

Jubair. AL Melaihan

Macadi ِAl-Nahhas
Atmosphere of Dreams

Cinema et memoire
Bejaia Doc Encounters Documentary Film

PACA/ International Art Academy – Palestine
Biannual publication on the state of arts, culture and society

Mounira Al Solh
Book of Proverbs

Confederation of Cultural For Democracy
Cinema Club

Hala Lotfy
Coming Forth by Day - Feature Fiction

Wissam Mohamad Said Murad
Cutting Poetry

Haydar Kol Bareh
Dancing Between Bullets - Feature Documentary

Amro Salah Bayoumi

Rheim Alkadhi
Destroyed in Baghdad / Repaired in Cairo

Royal Film Commission

The Freedom Theatre
Filmmaking Workshop

Alia Arasoughly
Hammam al-Basha - Feature Documentary

Salah AL-Murr
Henna and the Wall - Short Documentary

François Abou Salem
King Ubu

Yazan Al-Khalili
Landscape of Darkness

Nuzha El Hakawati Theatre
Layl al Layali

Huda Smitshuijzen Abifares
Manual of Printing and Typesetting for Modern Arab Books

Kholoud Nasser

Modern Plastic Art Production in Sudan

Laila Hassan Soliman
Mother at the Press Conference

Ali Abdullah Fejer
Musical Poems

Rula Halawani
Presence and Impressions

Samir Abdallah
Professor of Light - Feature Documentary

Tarek Al Ghoussein
Self Portrait Series

Amir Nizar Zubi
The Story of Joseph

Ala Hlehel
Transfer - Experimental

View from my country

Maher Abi Samra
We were Communists - Feature Documentary

Where I Stand

Maria Bakhous
Who’s There?

Neeme Neeme
Women in Arab Society

Hisham Jaber
A Play Not for an Audience

Palestinian Art Court -Al hoash
Exhibition Program 2008

I Came from There… and Remember

Dalila Al-Nather
I Loved so Much - Feature Documentary

Leish Troupe
If they Died, They Paid Attention

Leish Troupe
If they Died, They Paid Attention

Tamer Al-Saeed
In the Last Days of the City - Feature Fiction

Tamer Institute for Community Education
Literary Days

Maya Zbib
Music Box

Abaad Theatre

Al Mastaba Band
Our Souls

The Egyptian Arts Center
People and Places

Beirut DC
Photos from the Arab World: The Face and the Other Side

Najwa Najjar
Pomegranate & Myrrh - Feature Fiction

Birzeit University
Studies of Visual Culture

Al Kamandjâti Association
Teaching Music for All

Randa Mirza
The Culture of Shock

Oraib Toqan
The New(er) Middle East Map

Rojeeh Assaf
The Theater Biography – Masters and Works of Art

Elia Sulaiman
The Time That Remains - Feature Fiction

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