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Wassim Sharqi

Arab Image Foundation
A Collaborative Online Platform for Photographic Archives in the MENA Region

Gudran for Arts and Development
A Horizontal Musical Assembly, 4th edition

Amira Al-Sharif
A Love Song to Socotra Island

Majd Fadda
A Window for the Author Airenyosh Aaredenski

Ossama Halal
Above Zero

Mazen Kerbaj
Al Marseilleise Al ‘Arabi

Monira Al Qadiri
Alien Technology

Alif Ensemble

Yasser Tijani
And This Too Is Not a Play

Art and Architecture. The Medinas: an Experimental Model of Development

PACA/ International Art Academy – Palestine
Art Production

Leyla Bouzid
As I Open my Eyes - Feature Narrative

Sawsan Darwazah
As We forgive?

Asma Ghanem
At Land

Alyaa Musa
Becoming Omar Khairy - Documentary

Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival
Beirut & Beyond – Second Edition

Michel Kammoun
Beirut Hold’em - Fiction

Samar Hazboun
Beyond Checkpoints

Bidoun Projects
Bidoun Web Archive

Vikram Divecha
Boulder plot

Carlos Chahine

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
CD and Video Documentation of "That Which is Adorned: Arabic Poetry and Music" Project

Cinema House
Cinema Crossroads

Brunel Institute for Contemporary Middle Eastern Music & Musicstage Promotions Ltd
Cities of Salt Opera

Vartan Avakian
Collapsing Clouds of Gas and Dust

CURATING THE CONTEMPORARY: Training Program for Curators of the Arab Region

Ahmed Essadek
Dance of the pendulum

Mark Louis
Dangerous Profiles - Documentary

Abdul Hadi Hashem

Death Come through the Eyes

Doa Aly
Deer in the Headlights

Marouan Oumara
Dream Away - Feature Documentary

Randa Mirza
EL-ZOHRA was not born in a day

Electronic magazine ‘Ma3azef.com’

Sara Ouhaddou
Entre 2

Hamid Saïdji and Jonathan Mason
Escape - Short Fiction

Jocelyne Saab
Faten's Honour - Docu-Fiction

Amanda kerdahi
Filtered Conversations at Round Table

Samara Salam
Four Hours and a Half

Faisal Al Fouzan
Friday Gathering

Slaoui Mohamed
Generation Boulevard - Feature Documentary

Rana Aljarbou
Hajwalah - Short Fiction

Yante Youth, Art & Levante

Selim Ben Safia

Khaled Abdulwahed
Jellyfish - Documentary

Rula Halawani
Jerusalem is Calling

Hanane Hajj Ali

Eman Helal
Just Stop

Ma3mal 612-Think Factory
Karama Human Rights Film Festival “From Amman to Gaza… with hope”

Roy Samaha
Last Portrait - Fiction

Zineb Sedira
Laughter in Hell

Omar Imam
Live Love Refugee

Rita Ibrahim
Live Streaming

Yasser Naeim
Looking for Essam Abdullah - Feature Documentary

Hamza Boulaiz
Louisa and Najat

Danseurs Citoyens
Made by Street

Omar Sharqawi
Madina - Fiction

Hana Tefrati
MAM15 / Maroc Artist Meeting 2015

Acem Bettouhami

Eliane Raheb
Miguel’s War - Documentary

Kinan Ednawi
Modern Compositions for Oud, in Collaboration

Younes Baba-Ali

Ghassan Sahhab
My Orient - original oriental tunes

Mostafa Abd Rabu
Naked Houses

Zakharef in Motion
Nomads Dance Camp

Maysoon Pachachi
Nothing Doing in Baghdad - Fiction

Natalie Naccache
Our Limbo

Cinema et memoire
Passages in African Cities

Assabil Association
Performing Arts in Horsh Beirut Festival

Cynthia Zaven
Perpetuum Mobile

Information Assembly for Culture, Heritage and the Arts
Popular Husani Tarab

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation
Puppet Theatre in the Arab World: A Selection of Past and Present Experiences

Tarek Yamani
Quarter Tones in Harmony

Arab Media Lab
Re-Mapping of the Media Happening and Digital Art Practices in the Arab World” during Digital Marrakech Festival 4

Ismael Louati
Refugees - Documentary

Amir El Saffar
Rivers of Sound: Not Two

Anthony Chidiac
Room for a Man - Feature Documentary

Salim Abu Jabal
Roshmia - Feature Documentary

El Amine Mohamed Hattou
Searching for Janitou - Feature Documentary

Mohammad Banihani
She of the Red Dress

Shubbak: A Window on Contemporary Arab Culture
Shubbak 2015

Samandal Comics Association
Soulala, Samandal Anthology 2014

Shaikha Al Mazrou
Stand here

Louai Alhenawi
Tafahum Album

Zara Samiry
Tales of the Moroccan Amazons

Alaa Zouiten
Talking Oud

Dar Al-Mussawir
Ten Stories from Various Syrian Refugee Communities in Lebanon

Joseph Kai
The AFAC "Why Culture?" Comics Competition

Amina Benali
The AFAC "Why Culture?" Comics Competition

Khalid Shamis
The Colonel’s Stray Dogs - Documentary

Yahya Alabdallah
The Council - Feature Documentary

Arthur Gabriel Yak
The day Azrael committed suicide

Misr International Films (Youssef Chahine)
The Fiction in the Real: Non Fiction Films Month at Zawya

Sharif Serhan
The Game of War

Mohamed Soueid
The Insomnia of a Serial Dreamer - Feature Documentary

Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Jerusalem Show VII

Zeinab Charafeddine
The last bottle before the dawn prayer

Nadet Abd-Al-Massih Boutros
The Mincer

Reem Falaknaz
The Place of Perpetual Undulation

Sumaya Abdulqader
The round table of the morgue

International Film Seminars, Inc. / The Flaherty
The Scent of a Place

Cultural Space Association
The Schools’ Festival of Popular Sayings

Hicham Lasri
The Sea Is Behind - Fiction

Hassan Darsi
The Square from Below

Maan Mahmoud Abu Taleb
The Transformations

Tamara Stepanyan
Those from the shore - Documentary

Bassam Chekhes
To All Naked Men - Fiction

Hamada ElRasam
Traces of Conflict

Vatche Boulghourjian
Tramontane - Fiction

Khaled Kaddal
Trapped Sounds

Soukaina Habiballah
Unread Mail

Visa for Music

Adelita Husni Bey
White Paper, land, occupation and the social body

Sarah Srage
Wled Bayrout - Feature Documentary

Habib Attia
Zaineb Hates the Snow - Feature Documentary

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