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Rania Rafei & Raed Rafei
'74 - Feature Documentary

Bassem Yousri
“Ma Tikhsarnish” Spread a Word Campaign

Zineb Sedira
"Artist Residency in Algiers" (A.R.I.A)

Mai Masri
3000 Layla - Feature Fiction

Wassim Al Moghrabi
A Sea’s Tale

Lana Nasser
Aat Festival Celebrating International Women's Day

Shaza Moharam
Ahlam - Feature Documentary

Leila Tayeb
Art and Gender in the 2011 Libyan Revolution

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation
Art Residency for Puppet Theatre in Khartoum

Artellewa Art Space
Artellewa Arab Collaboration Project

Hala Al-Abdallah
As If We Were Catching a Cobra - Feature Documentary

Teatro Alexandria
Backstreet Festival – “Towards Arts are Non-Traditional Spaces”

Hayat Association for Theatre
Banned Artists

Sara Francis
Birds of September - Feature Documentary

Parine Jaddo
Broken Records - Feature Documentary

Abdullah Al-Ghali
Cairo-Ar-Rehebat - Feature Documentary

Aspis Production

Nadine Khan
Chaos, Disorder - Feature Fiction

Joe Namy

B’chira Art Center
Collecting Art

Orient Productions for Film & Theatre
D-CAF (Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival)

Assirk Assaghir Association
Dancing Colors

Elkheyer Zidani
Deadly Business - Feature Documentary

Digital library of music production

Beirut DC

Documenta 13
Documenta 13

Irab for Arabic Music
Documenting the life of Fleifel Bros

Raed Andoni
Family Albums - Feature Documentary

Nasser Al-Shorbaji al-Mazik
Fareeq El Atrash and Deeb on tour in Egypt

Nadine Naous
Home Sweet Home - Feature Documentary

Mariam Saleh Suleiman
I am not singing

Sahar Hadi Taha
I Have Loved You

Ali Atassi
Ibn al-3am Online

Olivia Snaije & Mitchell Albert
Keep Your Eye on the Wall

Hilal Chouman
Limbo Beirut

Al Sharif Mohammad Treibak
Little Joys - Feature Fiction

Maan Mahmoud Abu Taleb

Mass Alexandria
Mass Alexandria: Program 1

Abdullah Alkafri
Mrs. Ghada’s Threshold of Pain

Mais Darwazeh
My Love Awaits me by the Sea - Feature Documentary

Assabil Association
My story, your story, our story – making up a story at the public library

Larissa Sansour
Nation Estate - Short Fiction

Maya Abul Hayyat
No One Knows His Blood Type

Fatima Al Qadiri & Khaled Al Gharaballi
NxIxSxM (Mendeel Um A7mad)

Roy Dib
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Mohanad Yaqubi
Off Frame - Feature Documentary

Wael Toubaji
One Hand

Mohannad Hadi
Oriental Jazz

Taghreed Sanhouri
Our Beloved Sudan

Kamal Al Jaafari
Passerby - Feature Fiction

Fawzy Saleh
Poisonous Roses

Ribal al-Khodari and Bassel Rajjoub
Political Poems

Sameh El Gabas

Hala Galal
Raise Your Head, You are a proud Egyptian - Feature Documentary

Ramallah Docs 2012

Youssef Rihani
Rocking Chair- Say, Youssef

Samandal Comics Association
Samandal Magazine Issue 15

El Amine Mohamed Hattou
Searching for Janitou - Feature Documentary

Mahmoud Hojeij
Stable Unstable - Feature Fiction

Oussama Mohammed
Stars in Broad Daylight

Shaker Louaibi
Surrealist Architecture: an Architectural and Aesthetic Study

Hisham Ghassan Naddaf
Symphonic Suite Ishtar

Hatem Akram Imam
Take me to this Place: I Want to Make the Artist - Experimental

Bab lebhar Cinetheatre

Voice of Women- Nassawiya
Tarek’s Daughters: a Tribe of Contemporary Arab Women

Teatro for Performance Arts Workshops

Baree Khalil
Texts I Found in the Washing Machine

Maya Chami
The “Victory Sign”

The Breeze of Dance 2 Grantee: Rezodanse

Frederique Cifuentes
The Disappearing Heritage of Sudan

Hassan Blasim
The Goat’s Song

Abir Esper
The Ingenuity of Flowers

Dar Al M’amoun
The international art residency at Dar Al M’amoun

Mansour Idris Mohamad
The Last Sultan

Karim Goury
The Man Inside - Feature Documentary

Saeed Taji Farouky
The Runner - Feature Documentary

Suleiman Al Bassam
The Speakers Progress

Hanane Darqawi
The Waist and The Homeland

Amer Shomali/ Saed Andoni
The Wanted 18 (post-Production) - Feature Documentary

Nora Amin
Theatre of the Oppressed:

Shadi Ghassan Zaqtan
Theib (Fox) and album of songs

Tania Khoury
This Sea is Mine

Triangular Exchange -IRTIJAL FEST

Hind Shoufani
Trip Along Exodus - Feature Documentary

Ateek Ensemble

Aseel Mansour
Uncle Nashaat - Feature Documentary

98 weeks
Why do you publish, Beirut/An Art Publishing Encounter

Imad Mortada
Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution

“Shuf” Association
Workshops and artist residency at the Seventh International Festival of Comic Strips in Tetouan

Nacer Khemir
Yasmina and the 60 Names of Love

Support for Information Technology
Your Right to Know

Al Beyt Arts and Cultutre Association
Zahr Al Adab

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