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Shuruq Harb
A Picture of Every Picture

Oula Al Khatib
A Syrian Room

Hala Salah Eldin Hussein
Al Bawtaka Review

Ghassan Abdallah
Al Safarjal Trip - Feature Fiction

Ibrahim El Batout
Ali and the Goat - Feature Fiction

Faek El Homasssi
All These Gestures

Orwa Nyrabia
Baladi - Feature Documentary

Palestinian Art Court -Al hoash
Between Here and Somewhere Else

Raed Yassin
Cairo Diaries - Short Fiction

Karima Zoubir
Camera/Woman - Feature Documentary

Abedelaziz Errachidi

Habib Attia
Challat of Tunis - Feature Documentary

Toufic Farroukh
Cinéma Beyrouth

Mohamed Kamal Harb
Civil Spirit

Assabil Association
Cultural Revitalization of Public Libraries

Kinan Azmeh
Damascus Festival Chamber Players

Asma Huda kassatly
Dome Houses in northern Syria

Dima Yasin-Abu Ghoush
Emwas - Feature Documentary

Sareyyet Ramallah-First Ramallah Group
Festival Spaces for Contemporary Dance

Babylon Cult Art
Fez Festival of International Expressive Dance

Aida Eltrorie
Fly Away

Philippe Aractingi
Forgiveness - Feature Fiction

Omar Abi Azar

Youssef Rihani
Hey Youssef!

Huda Abdallah Lutfi
Huda Lutfi: Collections and Critique

Soha Bechara
I Dream of a Prison Made of Cherries

Mohamad Malas
If Only Brightness Had Eyes - Feature Fiction

Iraqi Maqam Foundation
Iraqi Maqam and Arabic Music Scales

Samir Bahajin
Journey Into Moroccan Heritage with a New Perspective

Bab lebhar Cinetheatre
Lal Jamila

Mohamed Salah Alazab
Land Line

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreij
Lebanese Rocket Society - Feature Documentary

Haider Saeed
Literature and Views of the World- A Study in the Formal Construction of Modern Arabic Literature

Fawzy Saleh
Living Skin - Feature Documentary

Enas Al-Muthaffar
Lost and Found - Short Fiction

Zeina Maasri
Off the Wall: Political Poster of the Lebanese Civil War

Saba Innab

Malek Bensmail
Origins - Feature Documentary

Engaged Events
Palestine Festival for Literature 2010

Khairalla Reshak Said
Paper and papermakers in Arabo-Islamic Civilization

Ahmad Abdalla El-Sayed
Rags and Tatters - Feature Fiction

Fouad Nabil Yammine
Shash Bash

Dalia Basiouny

Beirut Art Center
Solo and/or Collective Exhibitions: Exhibition Series

Rania Mamoun
Son of Sun

Louly Seif
Take Me Back to Sydney - Feature Documentary

Irab for Arabic Music
The Arabic Music Library

Mohamed Al Hawajri
The Cactus Borders

Hazem Alhamwi
The Childhood of a Place - Feature Documentary

Laila Hotait-Salas
The Crayons of Askalan - Feature Documentary

Ezzat El-Kamhawi
The Italian Dream

Hoda Barakat
The Kingdom of this Earth

Samia Emad El Din Mehrez
The Literary Cairo Installation

Nahed Awwad
The Mail - Feature Documentary

Elias Moubarak
The terrorist - Feature Documentary

Solhi Al Wadi Institute of Music
The Third Solhi Al Wadi International Piano Competition for Youth 2010

Rania Stephan
The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni - Feature Documentary

Amer Shomali
The Wanted 18 - Feature Documentary

Issa Ibrahim Boulos
The Young Composer

Hanane Hajj Ali
Theater De Beyrouth (1965-2005)

Iman Issa
Thirty-three Stories about Reasonable Characters in Familiar Places

Nabil Maleh
Transformation - Feature Fiction

Mahmoud Iberaken
Trilingual Encyclopedic Dictionary of Information and Communication in Arabic-English-French

Akram Zaatari
Twenty Eight Nights and a Poem - Feature Documentary

Sharafdin Majdolin
Types of Imaginary Narratives in the Arabic language

Sobhi Al Zbaidi
Via Dolorosa - Feature Fiction

Zuleikha Aburisha
Virility in the Mirror of Feminism: A Cultural Interpretation

Arab Children Friends Association
Website for Palestinian Children

Annemarie Yusuf Jacir
When I Saw You - Feature Fiction

Mohammad Taha Al-Ghawanmeh
Women’s Musical Heritage in Jordan

Al Beyt Arts and Cultutre Association
Written Arabic

Samiha Ali khrais
Yahya Al-Karaki

Regine Abadia
Yasmina and Mohammed - Feature Documentary

Djamila Sahraoui
Yema - Feature Fiction

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