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A Kurdish Archive

Shirin Abu Shaqra
A Thigh Over the Spy

Bassam Mortada
Abo Zaabal 1989

Fayrouz Karawya
Afraid to Tell What I Feel (working title)

Dina El Deeb
Al Hamesheyoun - The Undercommons

Mira Sidawi
Al Jidar: The Wall

Aicha El Beloui
Alive - A7ya2

Nuzha El Hakawati Theatre
alkhubz al mor

Joyce Raie
Another Kind of Death

Wael Ali

Mahatat for Contemporary Art
Art of Transit: Art Interventions in Public Spaces

Chrystèle Khodr

Laura Amna Stauth
Between Walls

Ghida Hachicho
Beyond a certain point movement itself changes

Nüt Dance Company
Breaking Walls Festival

The Ninth Art
CairoComix 4

Zain Alabedein Saleh
Chez the Maidenly Madam

Adelita Husni Bey

Sawsan Bou Khaled
Dans la Peau (working title)

Hamza Hamadeh
Demande d’emploi

Roger Mokbel
Describe the Sky to Me

Shehab Ismail
Digital History of British Colonial Cairo: Media and the Potentialities of History

Mohamed Soueid
Documenting Lebanon

Abdo Shanan

Hamza Ouni
El Medestansi (The disqualified)

Electronic Cultural Platform RE

Leish Troupe

Archipels Images
Essays in Cinema Criticism

Rana Karam

Hiba Mehrez
Failing Exercise in Living

Akram Zaatari
Father and Son

Adnane Baraka
Fragments From Heaven

Qutaiba Barhamji
Gevar's Land

Leïla Chaïbi
Guardian of the Worlds

Ahmed Naji
Heraz Mekamkm

Amir Sabra
Hip Hop Gees

Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College
How Can There be a Window Where No Wall Remains?

Nesrine Khoury
I Kick the House and Go Out

Hanadi Zarka
I saw pale cloud. I heard black rain

M’hammed Kilito
Imider, Morocco's Longest-Ever Protest

Ali Tnani
Impersonal Memory

Elwely Vall
In the Light of Change

Charles Akl
Jelly Bird

Khouloud Yasine
Just The Two of Us

Beirut Art Residency
La Vitrine

Nasri Sayegh
Lam Adri Ma Tiba Al Inaq Ala Al Hawa / Fragments for an Arab melancholy

Roger Outa
Lebanese Pop Sex

Mohamed Abdul-Karim
Let the Sea Eat Me: To Perform a Ferry

Fehras Publishing Practices
Mapping Publishing: 5 Photo-Novels

Masrah Ensemble
Marsah – Theater Texts

Roger Anis
My Dear Friends

Omar El-Khairy

Latifa Doghri
Nothing About my Mother

Beirut Art Center
Of Words and Stones

Abdalsalam Alhaj
Old Wishes

Nahed Awwad
Orthodox Intifada

Dorothée Myriam Kellou
Out of Place

Mohamad Al Khansa

Al-Harah Theater
Palestine International Theater Festival for Children and Youth - Bethlehem 2020 Edition

Hind Meddeb
Paris Stalingrad

Shaima Al Tamimi
Pockets of Diaspora

Mohamed Said Ouma
Red Card

Medrar for Contemporary art
Roznama - Studio program

Moheb Mohamed Ali
Saleh Abdel-Hay: Jockey of Arab Music

Feras Hatem
Shams and the Monsters

Amgad El Sabban
Sleep Thieves

Randa Mirza & Wael Kodeih
Tarab and Arab Modernity (working title)

Ravy Shaker
The Ancient Mosque

Samer Asham
The Author Has Another Memory

Rochdi Belgasmi
The Cabaret of Tunis

Ridha Tlili
The Color of Phosphate

Hanane Hajj Ali
The Dramatheque - Radical experience of HAKAWATI Theatre/ Lebanon

Doa Aly
The End of the World is not Tomorrow

Ahmed Shalaby
The Grand Nights

Labo Beckett pour les arts contemporains de la scène
The Holocaust of New Arts - Shock and Deterritorialization in Arab Contemporary Art

Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art
The Jerusalem Show IX

Eyas Almokdad
The Last Scene

Ebrahim Elmoly
The Leaders of Tomorrow

Ossama Halal
The Other Side of the Garden

Mohamedali Ltaief
The path of the sun or the bare life

Alia Farid
The Space Between Classrooms

Wael Kadlo
The Way Home

Hind Shoufani
They Planted Strange Trees

Dina Naser
Tiny Souls

Colette Ghunim
Traces of Home

Heba Khamis
Transit Bodies

Awrad - Clown Me In
Trashion Show

Lamine Ammar Khodja
Une Maison Pour Buster Keaton

Youness Atbane
Untitled 14km

Lara Baladi
Vox Populi

Bassam Al-Sabah
Wandering Wandering with a Sun on my Back

Wissam Georges Tanios
We are from there

We are not going back (provisional title)

Mahasen Nasser-Eldin
We Carve Words in the Earth

Yasmina Reggad
We Dreamt of Utopia and We Woke Up Screaming

Nadine Al Koudsi
When Will You Return?

Ayman Abdolsalam
Where Is My Stuff

Sareen Hairabedian
Whispers of Artsakh

Dalia Taha
Writing and Return

Malek Gnaoui
Yellow as the Sky

Zoukak Sidewalks - The Festival (2018)

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