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The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music

Profile type Institution
Country Palestine
Category Music
Year 2018, 2016, 2013, 2010

The Palestine National Music Competition
Category: Music
Year: 2018
Status: Open

The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music is organizing the Palestine National Music Competition 2019, within its 25th anniversary festivities. The competition will consist of 3 parts: solo (piano, guitar, string section, brass, Arabic music); singing (choirs and band performances); and the Marcel Khalifeh competition for young musical composers. The event will witness the participation of approximately 1,000 music students and young musicians from Palestine and the Golan Heights, who will be evaluated by an independent jury of Palestinian, Arab and Western musicians.

Palestine Youth Orchestra Production and Tour
Category: Music
Year: 2016
Status: Open

The Palestine Youth Orchestra returns once again in 2017 for its yearly concert to join its members composed of young Arab musicians from Palestine, the Diaspora, and the Arab World (75 to 85 musicians from the ages of 13-24). The orchestra will meet in an Arab country to work on a new production and tour. The program will be composed of international classical compositions and others specific to the orchestra, which will be worked on with an Arab composer. The orchestra will also be accompanied by an Arab soloist and singer. 

Ramadan Nights and Tarab Nights Festival in Jerusalem
Category: Music
Year: 2013
Status: Closed

This conservatory seeks to organize 30 musical evenings highlighting the beauty of Eastern music. This will be achieved by hosting a group of Palestinian musicians (such as Simon Shaheen, Khaled Jubran, Sana Moussa, Reem Talhami, etc.) and a number of Palestinian orchestras, as well as Eastern music groups in the conservatory and other musical institutions in order to encourage musicians to produce new works and introduce them to wider audiences. This month-long music festival seeks to highlight the city of Jerusalem and its Arab identity.

Festival of Spring and Festival of Tarab Nights in Jerusalem
Category: Music
Year: 2010
Status: Closed

These two festivals, to be staged in March and October 2011 in Jerusalem, aim to encourage dialogue between cultures through music. By inviting renowned musical acts from abroad to collaborate with Palestinian musicians and interact with local audiences, these festivals will galvanize the Palestinian music scene and promote its musicians, both locally and internationally.

Three concerts by the Palestine Youth Orchestra
10 Jul, 2017

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