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Art Can, by Doa Aly - 20 Jun, 2012 

I can think of one thing that might bring about true change, compel the attention of Islamist and neo-liberals alike, open the revolution’s cul-de-sac onto a new (creative) path: Art. Free art.

The freedom of artistic expression is to be differentiated... »

1967 in Art and Its Histories - 30 May, 2012 

The American University of Beirut (AUB) is hosting a two-day conference on June 1st & 2nd under the title “The Longevity of Rupture: 1967 in Art and Its Histories”, organized by the Association for the Study of Modern & Contemporary... »

The Palestinian Absence/Presence in Kuwait - 23 May, 2012 


Under the patronage of the Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters, the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait hosts the Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence (MoMRtA). Curated by Ala Younis, MoMRtA is conceived in response to the... »

Give Theatre Back to Beirut! - 27 Mar, 2012 

Beirut celebrates “World Day of Theatre” today in its unique way, launching a group of cultural activists, artists and advocates, to participate in a theatrical public protest called “Give Theatre Back to Beirut!” Arising in response to the closing down... »

Samandal 11 Launched - 25 Aug, 2011 

“Samandal magazine editors have always ensured that the cover page be a work of art in and of itself,” writes Sanaa Khoury in her exclusive report for Al-Akhbar newspaper about the 11th edition of Samandal, launched on July 22nd 2011.... »

The Guardian visits “Tarzan” and “Arab” - 22 Aug, 2011 

In her article about the two Palestinian artists Ahmad and Mohamed Abou Nasser, Harriet Sherwood of the Guardian discovers ingenuity and talent that defies all odds. Under their pseudonyms, ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Arab’, these identical twin artists have succeeded in creating... »

Beirut hosts MENASART - 08 Jul, 2011 

“Despite the fact that most of the international art world habitually goes to sleep or takes a vacation during the months of July and August, Beirut is making a modest bid to extend the calendar just one more month with... »

The first book fair in Baghdad since 25 years - 05 May, 2011 

The Baghdad book fair, which was held for the first time in 25 years, closes today (Thursday 5 May 2011). Despite an unpredictable security situation, 241 publishers from 32 countries participated in the fair.


“The special presence of the Lebanese publishers... »

Egypt: the guest of Cannes festival - 04 May, 2011 

“Arab cinema powerhouse Egypt, which in January rose up in revolt to topple President Hosni Mubarak, will become the Cannes Film Festival's first guest country at this year's event.” according to The Independent newspaper.


The 64th edition of the best known... »

Meeting Points’ 6th edition launches at Beirut Art Center - 28 Apr, 2011 

Meeting point 6, an international multidisciplinary event, was launched yesterday, 27 April 2011, at the Beirut Art Center. The event organized by the Young Arab Theater Fund and entitled “Locus Angonistes: Practices and logics of the civic” will tour 7... »

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