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Culture Agora, a new online platform for the creative industries

13 Oct, 2014 

Culture Agora is a new online platform for the creative industries in Europe and in the South Mediterranean, founded by Culture and Media Agency Europe.  It is dedicated to collecting and sharing data on activities and opportunities available in the cultural fields.


To have a look, register, test the platform and upload your content, click here


“Do you work within the creative industries and are looking for a partner for an upcoming project? Do you look for funding opportunities, art residencies, fellowships or grants? Are you maybe a performing artist or a culture manager looking for a job, in your own country or abroad?  Would you like to discover new organisations and new events?


Culture Agora is the virtual square where you can find this!


What makes Culture Agora unique is its wiki structure. Instead of having an editorial team looking for information to be published, this platform is open to the direct publication of activities, projects and links to video content from any big or small organization related to culture, the arts or creative industries in general. It provides them with a most powerful tool for cross sector and international visibility.


The platform allows fast and easy searching on multiple criteria: different categories (trainings, job offers, conferences, grants and awards…) applied to all creative and cultural disciplines. In a way, each user can turn it into a personal platform, and receive alerts based on personal interests. And this applies to content from a vast geographical area, growing by the day.


Culture Agora content is always on the move and always updated: it only shows what is happening now or what will happen in the immediate future; the system automatically cleans up and removes all information as soon as it is out of date. The platform includes videos from conferences and events, and may be used for the live streaming of cultural events.


Transnational collaboration and cultural mobility can be blocked by language barriers. Culture Agora offers a multilingual bridge for that intercultural communication.  The platform’s interphase has currently four language versions (English, French, Spanish and German) and it is ready to add a few more. What is really new is the integration of a translation tool in all posts; in every single post from Helsinki, Budapest or Casablanca. This important element will be adapted in the near future to non latin alphabets, allowing the integration of Arabic.


Culture Agora is the result of the personal experience of Ignasi Guardans, after many years in direct contact with cultural organizations and managers around Europe. His position as a European politician allowed him access to projects, activities and needs all over Europe. But what appeared easy for him was extremely difficult for those organizations, each one considering the other organizations and activities as distant and difficult to find, almost unknown. Hence the simple idea: why not create a web structure where all cultural organizations can publish in their own language what they are doing or what they need, and everybody can find that from home in their own language as well?”  

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